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Happy Holidays to you and yours!   If you are connected with our office (Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy) as a current patient, former patient, or family member of a patient; we want to sincerely say thank you for trusting us to care for your needs.  Being supported by the people of this community for the past three years is humbling. This year our office has been very busy. We have progressed in offering more services and connecting with more people through social media.  Adding the Biodex Balance System SD to assist lower leg injuries, rehabilitate balance disorders and manage concussions effectively was a great choice.  This force plate technology has determined return to play decisions for athletes, reduced fall risk in elderly patients, increased strength to the hip, knee or ankle, and determined proper return to play protocols for athletes with a concussion.  What a fun year it’s been learning how to assist people with this new equipment. Social media?  Yep, started this feature as well. This is an excellent mode for communication about physical therapy, health, fitness, sports medicine or recognizing patient and athletic achievement.  People are less intimidated through a medium such as twitter and this allows a great conversation or topic to pursue. This year a twitter page, instagram page, linkedin profile and a pending website joined the practice.  Last, this blog page was included which allows for elaboration on some of the more important topics.   The social media connections are listed at the bottom of the email if you are curious on following any of these. Please do! Sports medicine is a consistent focus of the clinic so assisting the Colville High School basketball teams is still continuing. What an amazing opportunity and experience. Fortunately, the major trauma on the sideline has been low, but to watch the teams last year have such great success was a true joy.  I am looking forward to the new cast of players, as many seniors graduated last year.  Also, we started a concussion protocol standard with the help of Jameson Lontz, Ph.D, Kal Kelley, M.D., and Ed Johnson, M.D.  This program allows us to manage concussions effectively and reliably with return to play for all athletes of Stevens County.  This has been well received with many coaches coordinating time to allow their entire team to complete the Biodex Balance System SD concussion baseline testing and the King Devick baseline testing. The safety with return to play for these athletes is the best criteria in the country, and I am very proud of the work these professionals dedicated to this program. Many of you have seen my family in the office.  I am fortunate to work with my in-laws and have the liberty of my children or wife stopping by at any moment.  As a result, they have met many of you in the office.  The kids are continuing to grow and change into little independent people.  Madelynn is starting with some athletics as she began her first AAU basketball team and still loves school. Easton is exploring his three-year-old boundaries with vivid imagination.  Mandy is doing a great job raising both of these two and I appreciate any time in the office she provides.  Finn, our dog, is still very relaxed, and loves visiting Terry and Kelly a little too much. The cat, well, is just a cat. This has been a great year for our clinic and the work we have dedicated to many projects.  Thank you for the trust in our company and the work we dedicate to assist the people of Stevens County.  I hugely enjoy the work I am able to do daily and I want to thank you for allowing me to be your physical therapist.   Sincerely,   Rob Sumner, PT Owner/Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy If you have any further topics of interest please reply to me and I will add this to my list. Topics patients are interested in are always enjoyable to write about. Thank you.

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