Why your Physical Therapy will Fail!

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I enjoy my job and treating people of my community. I want to see all individuals who I start a plan of care with meet their long term goals. I want every person of my community who enters my clinic to achieve their functional goals. Sometimes… this doesn’t always happen. I am hoping this blog post will assist in the … Read More

ACL Comeback: Fear or Fiction Part I

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This is a two-part blog post about the psychological effects of an ACL reconstruction. Part I: Have you every had someone sit in front of you and breakdown crying as you attempt to help? Do they turn their head away and bite their lower lip to hide their pain, or clench their fist so tight the hand turns white? Do ... Read More

Humble Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays to you and yours!   If you are connected with our office (Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy) as a current patient, former patient, or family member of a patient; we want to sincerely say thank you for trusting us to care for your needs.  Being supported by the people of this community for the past three years is humbling. This ... Read More

5 Reasons To Take Concussions Seriously

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Concussions are a very hot topic in the news today. From the NFL to Pop Warner football, head injuries or concussions are often discussed. Each week I read a new article discussing the risk of concussions, especially in our youth. Even the President of the United States has been on record stating if he had a son he would restrict ... Read More

Sumner Specialized PT Blog Introduction

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First, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts. I feel these entries will serve as communication between people of the community and myself in regard to topics related to physical therapy. I hope these posts are seen as thought provoking, educational, informative and interesting. I encourage your participation through discussion, questions regarding the ... Read More