What excites me about physical therapy is the ability to assist in the physical, emotional or cognitive status of the rehabilitation process. Helping individuals of all ages achieve their goals greatly assists in relieving stress and anxiety. Empowering people to return to function through positive actions or attitudes makes it a pleasure to begin work each day.


Rob grew up in Moscow, ID and is one of four children. He played baseball, basketball and football in school, and continued his education and athletics playing Division II and Junior College Baseball. Rob met his wife, Mandy, at North Idaho College in 2000. He continued his education at WSU and EWU while his wife taught 6th grade in Davenport, WA. After a brief year in Spokane, Rob and Mandy moved to her hometown of Colville in 2007. Over this time they have welcomed two wonderful children, Madelynn and Easton.


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Eastern Washington University, Cheney WA
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology emphasis in Athletic Training
    Washington State University, Pullman WA


  • 2002-2003 WSU Rose Bowl Football Student Athletic Trainer
  • Davenport High School Volunteer Athletic Trainer- Football, Volleyball, Basketball 2003-2006
  • Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapist with emphasis in post-surgical rehabilitation, Spokane WA 2006-2007
  • Outpatient Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapist, Colville WA 2007-2010
  • Home Health Physical Therapist, Stevens County, WA 2010-2012
  • Clinical instructor PTA internship for SFCC, Colville WA 2008-2009
  • Colville High School Volunteer Athletic Trainer- Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling 2007-present
  • Private practice Physical Therapist & Owner for orthopedic/sports/post surgical rehabilitation, Colville WA 2012-Present


  • Certified Athletic Trainer, 2003
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, 2005
  • Licensed Physical Therapist, 2006
  • Licensed Athletic Trainer, 2009
  • Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in Physical Therapy, 2010


  • Orthopedic techniques, testing and manual therapy, including:
    • International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine-US
      • Hip, knee, shoulder, lower cervical spine courses
    • Cross Country Education
      • Back stabilization
      • Common shoulder injuries
    • PTWA: Manual therapy with functional motor control
  • Evidence based examination and treatment education
    • Ankle and foot biomechanics, treatment evaluation (APTA)
    • Lower extremity: Hip, Knee, Ankle (APTA)
  • Education Activity
    • Current Concepts of Orthopeaedic Physical Therapy (Orthopedic Section APTA)
    • Orthopedic physical assessment: Knee
    • Elbow Injuries in the throwing Athlete
    • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
    • Upper extremity nerve and tendon injuries
    • Current concepts in sports medicine in tennis (Hosp. Spec. Surg).


  • Complicated orthopedic post-operative rehabilitation, sports injuries, and functional training program with progression to return to work
  • Balance testing and training using Biodex Balance System SD
  • Concussion management with emphasis on balance training and return to play criterion
  • Athletic training and management of the young athlete through manual techniques, taping or prevention


Rob is a lifelong athlete. He regularly competes in recreational basketball and annually competes in Spokane Hoopfest. He enjoys cycling, baseball/softball and fly fishing. Rob is involved in the community as one of the local school district board members. He loves outdoor activities with his wife, two children and dog.


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Clinic Highlights:

Biodex Balance System SD:

  • The Biodex Balance System SD has been designed to meet the needs of everyone looking to improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies. Featuring easy-to-follow “touch-screen” operation, the Balance System SD is simple to learn and operate, leading the user step-by-step through testing protocols and trai
  • ning modes in both static and dynamic formats. Extremely versatile, it is the only system that provides a fast, accurate Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program for older adults; closed-chain, weight-bearing assessment and training for lower extremity patients; and adds the objective balance assessment component to a concussion management program.
  • The Balance System SD also serves as a valuable training device to enhance kinesthetic abilities that may provide some degree of compensation for impaired proprioceptive reflex mechanisms following injury. Using this unique device, clinicians can assess neuromuscular control by quantifying the ability to maintain dynamic bilateral and unilateral postural stability on a static or unstable surface.
  • Biodex Balance Assessment for Concussion Management adds the objective neurophysical component that gives clinicians the ability to quantify the elements of balance before and after and injury occurs. Using the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance, Biodex Balance Assessment can independently test all three sensory feedback systems (visual, vestibular and somatosensory).
  • Concussion Management Biodex brochure
  • Video demonstration

Functional Rehab: Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy is committed

to progressing every patient with the most functional equipment available. As a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist in Physical Therapy, Rob Sumner knows the importance of creating functional progressions. Rehab progressions are designed to improve the functional abilities of the patient through triplanar movements. Equipment such as the FreeMotion EXT Dual Stack Cable Crossover assist in allowing free axis of movement with each rehab progression.

  • Freemotion EXT Dual Stack Cable crossover:
  • Complementary equipment allows rehab progressions for post surgical needs or with progressing therapeutic exercises programs with equipment use such as:
    • Leg press, knee extension/curl machine, treadmill, recumbent bike, free weights, plyometric boxes, sport cords, dyna discs, BOSU trainer, Sparq training equipment or more.
  • Rehab progressions and treatments are progressed effectively and efficiently with the equipment and progression of physical therapist.

Modalities: Physical progression or activity is difficulty to advance due to pain or dysfunction. Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy has multiple modalities to assist with pain and dysfunction preventing a full recovery.

  • Electrical Stimulation: assist with pain management or edema
  • Neuromuscular stimulator: assist inactive muscles in augmenting contraction during therapeutic exercise or training
  • Ultrasound: to assist with tissue repair or tissue preparation prior to activity
  • Cold laser: High quality light therapy from Erchonia to assist with pain, inflammation or tissue repair
  • Erchonia percussor device: Variable speed adjustment percussor allows treatment of strains, muscles spasming, trigger point release or release of restricted tissue with low intensity or discomfort
  • PowerPlay vasopneumatic compression ice wrap: Pain or swelling reduction through portable cold compression


Athletic training: A sports medicine background in athletic training has allowed progression of all sport related injuries. Taping techniques and treatments are selected based on patient needs from initial assessment and are modified to fit the needs of the athlete or patient. Taping procedure examples are:

  • McConnell taping for shoulders, knees, or ankles
  • Kinesiotaping for pain relief or assisting joint function
  • Sport injury prevention with ankle taping, joint ACE wraps or with use of Elastikon, Powerflex or Ultralight
  • Biomechanical or brace application: Sole inserts, Donjoy semi-ridgid ankle brace, Custom orthotics, Pro Knee sleeves

Athletic care and prevention is possible with the experience of Rob Sumner with his years of services training with the WSU football team, assisting University of Idaho football camp coverage or assisting multiple high school teams with sport coverage.

Sports enhancement: Athletes are unique individuals who demand unique treatment progressions to meet their high expectations or return to play. Sport enhancement may be necessary as a prehab program focused on improving specific metrics of strength, power, acceleration or workload. Post injury enhancement will require progression based on return to play without exacerbating the original injury.

  • Rob Sumner, PT is able to meet these needs as an Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
  • Rob has created athletic strength and conditioning programs for team sports or for individuals. These include:
    • Team dynamic warm-up programs
    • Team strength and conditioning off season programs
    • ACL injury prevention programs
    • Concussion management programs

Community Concussion Collaboration

Mission: To provide a standard of care, evaluation protocol and management consistency related to concussion/mild traumatic brain injury for student-athletes of Stevens County; through a multidisciplinary approach; aimed at safe return to play.

Overview: Due to the growing concern related to concussion in sport, and the greater awareness of long-term concussion effects, a multidisciplinary approach to care was created. Collaboration between Providence Northeast Washington Medical Group, Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy, and Blue Mountain Neuropsychological Associates has been developed. Team members include:

  • Ed Johnson, M.D. – Family Practice Physician, Providence NEWMG-Colville
  • Kal Kelley, M.D. – Family Practice Physician, Providence NEWMG-Kettle Falls
  • Rob Sumner, PT – Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy-Colville
  • Jameson Lontz, Ph.D – Neuropsychologist, Blue Mountain Neuropsychological Associates-Spokane

Please review fact sheet regarding program highlights

Sumner Specialized Physical Therapy is committed to creating customized, functional, and effective programs for the needs of all patients and athletes to meet their long-term goals.